Controllable axis: X, Y, Z , A, B, C, U, V, W 9 axis.
 Voltage-driven servo system with maximum speed of response 1000 KPPS (i.e. 240 meters/min with 1μ resolution).
 Design the LCD screen freely and simply. Use the PC screen to display editing program and test program. Transfer data from PC through RS232 or USB interface and execute the program.
 Besides basic program design , it can be done by CAD/CAM and transferred through RS232C.
 Keyboard can be customized to suit user's application or used as thumb switch.
 H9C controller can achieve accurate feed-length by comparing the feedback from the passive encoder and the roller.
 512k program memory.
 Battery backup in case of power-off.(Battery Backup)
 MCM (machine constants) parameter table let user customize his specific machining requirements
 Backlash error compensation for worn ball-screw.
 Providing 6 sets of user defined work coordinate to simplify program design.
 User can customize Macro function (MACRO)
 Feed-rate control either by mm/minute or mm/revolution
 Continuous program execution or single block at a time
 Option skip, option stop, and feed-hold function (Option Skip)
 Self-diagnostic and error function
 Circular programming by radius “R” as well as I and J values
 Each axis can be set as Master/Slave mode ( Reference by 3-3 3-4)
 MPG hand-wheel interface for program testing (MPG test)
 Provide standard I/O=48/32 programmable logic control

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