Controlled Axis: Eight axes – X, Y, Z, A, B, C, U, V.
 The voltage-controlled servo system has a maximum response rate with up to 1 million pulses
(500  KPPS) at the rate of 60m/min. when the resolution is 1μm.
 Freely design a simple screen mode with the LCD screen editing system in easy-to-learn steps. An            optional editing software is also provided for monitoring or checking of the program with your PC             monitor.The program can be transmitted and executed by your PC via the RS232C interface (ZNDC).
 In addition to programming, the program can be created via CAD/CAM and transmitted via RS232C         interface.
 You can freely configure your personalized keyboard or dip settings.
 The H8-M controller can confirm the feeding length via simultaneous feedback of the roller and passive    encoder, and cross reference.
 The memory capacity for the CNC mainboard – 512KB.
 A battery backup system is provided for CNC program storage after power-off.
 To creat a user-friendly interface, the mechanical parameters listed in the MCM Parameter Settings        Table are changeable depending on different CNC machines.
 Backlash compensation for errors resulting from a worn lead screw.  Provide six work coordinate              systems for your convenience during program desgning and workpiece machining.  Provide 40 sets of    tool offset compensation settings.
 Customized Program Group [MACRO] Command.
 The tool feed rate can be set to mm/minute or mm/revolution.
 Non-Stop Mode between blocks.
 Optional Skip function.
 Optional Stop and Feed Hold function.
 Simultaneous use of the absolute and incremental programmable coordinates is possible.
 Self-diagnosis and error indication function.
 The R value can be directly used to indicate radius when arc cutting.
 The I and J values can be used as well.
 Each axis can be set to Master/Slave Mode.(For information about Master/Slave Mode, refer to               Section 3.4 in Chapter III)
 MPG hand-wheel test and collision free function for cutting products at the speed controller by                MPG.(MPG Test)
 Provide 48 standard inputs and 32 standard outputs for programmable logic control.
 Provide 64 serial inputs and 64 serial outputs for programmable logic control.

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