Controlled Axis: X, Y, Z and Spindle Encoder Feedback
 Or control: X, Y, Z, A and no Spindle Encoder Feedback
 Program Designed by CAD/CAM on PC. Program input and DNC on-line
execution from PC through RS232C interface.
 Memory Capacity for CNC main board – 512k.
 USB can be used to increase memory capacity.
 The LCD display is a 800×600, 16 color screen.
 Battery Backup for CNC program storage in case of power-off.
 Backlash error compensation for worn lead screw.
 Provide 40 sets of tool length offsets.
 Self-designed MACRO Program.
 Single block and continuous commands.
 Optional Skip functions.
 Optional Stop and Feed hold functions.
 Simultaneous use of absolute and incremental programmable coordinates.
 Self-diagnostic and error signaling function.
 Direct use of “ R”, “ I” and “ J” incremental values for radius in circular cutting.
 MPG hand-wheel test and collision free function for cutting products at the
speed controller by MPG.
 Equipped with 24 standard programmable inputs and 16 outputs. 

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